Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Abundance Theory - a lot of it!

The past couple of months have been anything but easy for my business. Between a weakening economy that has resulted in organizations being hesitant to add new consultants, a change in my business strategy last year that has meant fewer clients initially, and my focus on marketing which means I'm opening myself up to a lot more 'no thank you's' than 'yeses' (kind of like actively dating actually), I find myself constantly worrying about finances.

And of course, there's the lovely, life-balancing country home that I bought just last month...

Determined not to let some bumps in the road set me back with my business plans, I took some time today to meditate before going to the office. I focused on the idea of abundance, as though I had all the money I needed at the moment. For a few moments, I set aside my fears and told myself that everything was going to be ok and that I just needed to act as though I didn't have cash flow challenges and that if I acted as though I had a healthy balance sheet, I would soon have just that.

And it seems to have worked. I spent the workday fielding calls from prospective clients, writing proposals, setting up meetings that will likely result in new clients for next year, and finalizing some strategic alliance partnerships. For the first time in several weeks I didn't spend the day staring at my balance sheet waiting for the numbers to miraculously change on their own. Instead, I took an active role in changing my situation, chose not to worry about my current cash flow woes, and instead focused on creating a healthy bottom line once again.

Perhaps wealth is just a mind set, and perhaps it's not being afraid to roll up our sleeves and get busy working hard to create wealth. Of course, just because something worked for me today might not work for me tomorrow, but I'm going to keep trying to focus each day this week on abundance and creating wealth vs. stressing out over cash flow and see what happens! If today's experience was any indicator then I'm sure by the end of week I will feel much more positive and empowered!

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